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Poppins Payroll® happily presents an easier way to handle taxes and payroll for nannies, housekeepers, senior caregivers and anyone else you employ in your home. Turns out you don’t have to empty your wallet to run a perfect payroll.

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We're relatively new to Poppins, as well as having a nanny, but PP employee Alex Reuter has made our lives so much easier. Alex has patiently walked us through confusing tax situations and, more importantly, ultimately taken care of them for us. It's also been insanely easy to reach a human at Poppins when necessary and everyone has been incredibly kind.

I wish I had started this journey with Poppins instead of trying to do it myself! Thanks, Alex and the PP team!

Kara, Washington D.C

I used Poppins Payroll for several years to handle compensation for caregivers for my parents. The service was fast, professional, personal, and—to coin a phrase—practically perfect in every way. Would so highly recommend this for anyone who needs to pay household employees.

Andy, Massachusetts

Poppins Payroll has been an amazing service for us through the 5 years we've used a nanny for our little ones. It's super easy to update nanny hours each week, and I never had to think about the taxes. Poppins Payroll took care of everything and was so reliable. Definitely recommend this service!!

Jane, Florida

My experience with Poppins Payroll since 2020 has been exemplary. This tool has simplified paying and managing my nanny's taxes, defining convenience in household payroll. The automation is spot on. Calculations and filings are taken care of, ensuring compliance without my constant oversight. When I've needed help, their support has been prompt and knowledgeable, providing solutions with minimal disruption. The peace of mind Poppins Payroll offers, knowing that payroll is under control, is invaluable.

Matt, Texas

Poppins Payroll has been wonderful. They make everything so easy and seamless. We had several complicated questions along the way and they always responded SO QUICKLY with a clear and complete answer. We recommend it to all our friends!

Katherine, Oregon

Poppins Payroll has been an excellent and completely seamless experience! I was nervous about taxes and dealing with a household employee on the payroll and everyone at Poppins put me at ease, the actual payroll system and website functionality was easy (never had an issue), but perhaps best of all? When I had an urgent question or a time-sensitive concern, I could get a friendly, knowledgeable person on the phone quickly with no phone trees or hassle at all. Excellent all around!

Rachel, California

Simply the best payroll service - competitively priced and the team go above and beyond to provide great support. I've used other payroll services and would recommend Poppins Payroll above other services I've used.

Johanna, New York

Highly recommend this service. It checked every box. Easy to sign up and set up, easy to use, good pricing and great customer service. The couple times I had questions they were extremely responsive and helpful. Very happy with the decision to go with Poppins over other options I considered after significant research.

AJ, North Carolina

This took any hassle and headache out of making sure my son's sitter was paid accurately and on time, with all necessary documentation, and that tax requirements were met. It saved a lot of time and gave me the peace of mind that everything was handled as it needed to be. I barely even had to think about it. I highly recommend this service to anyone using a nanny or regular babysitter care for their kids.

Eileen, Virginia

I found Poppins to be a great company to work with. Probably one of the best companies I've worked with in the past decade. Poppins took care of getting the tax ids that I needed instead of making me wade through that process. Taxes were paid on time. I got emails along the way so there were no surprises when large withdrawals were made to pay taxes. And when I called with questions, humans answered the phones, usually with no hold time. They do customer service like it used to be done, before phone trees were invented. I wish more companies were like this one.

John, Georgia