How We Pay Your Nanny Taxes

Employer Registration

To pay your nanny taxes, we’ll set you up as an employer with the IRS and obtain your federal employer identification number. We’ll also get you registered and file new-hire paperwork with your state’s Departments of Labor and Revenue and any local municipalities.


We’re quite good with numbers. Poppins Payroll will effortlessly calculate the appropriate withholding amount for each paycheck and the amount due to each government agency. We even keep track of any changes in these laws so that you do not have to.


We’ll gladly coordinate direct deposit from your account to your employee’s account, or, if you prefer to do it yourself, we’ll let you know the amount to write the check for. With Poppins Payroll, you get ultimate flexibility, guidance and support—all right at your fingertips.

Tax Returns

We keep track of all the tax deadlines and rules, always paying your taxes to the correct agencies on time and with total accuracy, guaranteed. Paper forms are old-fashioned, so we prep, file and pay all your automatically online for all states that allow it. Just e-sign and you’re done.


So many forms, yet so little worry. Poppins Payroll will provide, complete and submit all the necessary paperwork you need to stay compliant. We’ll even be the mailing address for all communications to save you time answering inquiries from various tax authorities.


Farewell, filing cabinet. Poppins Payroll will maintain a digital library containing all your tax and payroll documents for five years. Plus, our intuitive interface and dashboards make managing and printing your records an absolute snap.

The Poppins Promise

  • $
    We don’t think anybody should overpay for payroll services, so we stick with what’s fair and square: a low, monthly rate with zero hidden fees.
  • Checkmark
    Errors simply aren’t an option with Poppins. We give you the benefit of guaranteed accuracy and on-time remittance no matter what.
  • 100%
    Poppins Payroll does it all. We transform nanny taxes into child’s play by taking care of everything you need to stay 100% compliant.
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